Saturday, January 14, 2023

Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner, Mazda Tribute, Hybrid Battery Charging

Has your Ford Escape Hybrid been sitting for a while and now won't start? Unfortunately, it is common for the hybrid batteries in these cars to discharge when not driven. We often have people reach out to us after leaving town for a while and returning to find out their Escape has a dead hybrid battery. In order for the Escape to start, the hybrid battery voltage must be at least 300V. If the Escape is 2008 or older, it should have a built-in system to top off the battery. The instructions to activate it can be found in the owner's manual.  2009 and newer Escapes do not have the built-in charger. Here at Hybrid Fix, we have the knowledge and equipment to charge these batteries. If you feel you might be in this situation, give us a call and we'll be glad to help.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hybrid Air Conditioning Repair

Is the air conditioning in your hybrid giving you trouble? Most air conditioning systems in hybrids need special attention when being repaired. Not following the correct procedures can lead to improper performance, damage to the system and can even leave you stranded. Don't let just any mechanic fix your hybrid's air conditioner. At Hybrid Fix, we're not only certified in hybrid repair, but in air conditioning repair as well. We also have a ton of experience fixing air conditioning in hybrids. We keep many common parts in stock in order to get you back on the road and nice and frosty in record time. Give us a call or text today and set up an appointment.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Prius Combination meter failure.

Does the dash on your Prius suddenly go dark? Maybe the car doesn't turn off when that's happening? Have you noticed the reverse lights don't work and you can't open the rear hatch? If so, we've got you covered! This problem has been around for a while. In the past, Toyota would fix it free of charge if the car was less than nine years old. Unfortunately, today all second generation Prii are more than nine years old. No need to worry, we can fix it. We will gladly remove your combination meter, also sometimes called speedometer, repair it, and reinstall it. The whole procedure can be done in one day and costs much less than we've heard of dealers charging. If you'd like to have yours fixed, call or text us at (310) 426-8432.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cooling performance of the hybrid battery

Is your car telling you the performance of your hybrid battery is low? Your problem is likely cased by a dirty battery cooling system. Cleaning out your battery cooling system is not a problem for us. And, just to let you know, while we've heard of people quoted hundreds of dollars to do this, in most cases, we can do it for less than a hundred. Call, text, or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.